[ExI] Is the USA doing too much to prevent COVID-19?

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> Darin Sunley <dsunley at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Clearly, yelling at them online, degrading them, and demanding they get
> onboard with the 21st century social progress movement like their coastal
> betters will win their hearts and minds!
>> Also, they should obviously learn to code,
> I don't think anyone will miss the sarcasm.  Nice reply.
> There is one interesting example in recent years, the Irish Republican
> Army.  The support for the IRA just faded out over a period of years.
> Why?  And can this happen in other places?
> I have argued that the underlying reason the IRA faded out was that a
> few decades back, the Irish women went from way over replacement (~4
> kids) to the European average of around two.
> Eventually, economic growth got ahead of population growth improving
> income per capita.  My contention (based on the stone age war model)
> is that the improving income per capita and the brighter future view
> it engenders shut off population support for war or related civil
> disruption.

I’ve heard others claim some different based on demographics: Catholics increased in relative numbers, eventually becoming majorities in Northern Ireland counties such that electoral politics could succeed over violence. This shift happened in the 1980s and 1990s and voila! peace talks started and the PIRA. Of course, there are splinter groups like the Real IRA that still actively use violence to promote their agenda.

> As to how the economic prospects for the red states might be improved,
> that perhaps could be done with federal policies.  But the problem and
> potential solutions would need to be widely recognized.  That would be
> really hard given how difficult it is to get these ideas across--even
> here.

In terms of wealth redistribution policies, don’t red states already tend to get more federal dollars than they are forced to pay? So a change in federal policy would be what here? 


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