[ExI] Is the USA doing too much to prevent COVID-19?

Keith Henson hkeithhenson at gmail.com
Mon May 4 20:37:22 UTC 2020

 John Clark wrote:


> The current situation is unique in American history. Most previous presidents were not fascists, and those that were didn't have a large (about 35%) cult following, to them Donald J Trump can simply never do wrong.

That falls out from the model I have discussed and is common with cult
leaders.  If people are attracted to irrational, then taking about
imbibing bleach is not going to bother such people.  (Unless they do

Railing against the existing situation doesn't help much.
Understanding why we have the situation might lead to corrective
steps, but not so far.

That's the biggest objection I have to EP.  The situation is obvious,
but the model does not lead to suggestions beyond the importance of
birth control to keep the "capita" in income per capita down and the
need for economic growth faster than the population growth.

Nanotech and expansion into space (which used to be topics on this
list) might jack up economic growth and usher in an era of peace.  Or
they might not, who knows?


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