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> In this case, "brains just randomly forming and miserably and almost
> immediately expiring somewhere in the universe should outnumber galaxies
> randomly forming in that universe" seems to be the error.  Specifically,
> ignoring the different time scales needed for construction (and its effects
> on the likelihood of random assembly) between extremely short-lived
> entities that would need near-instant formation - brains forming and almost
> immediately expiring - versus extremely long lived entities that can take
> much longer to assemble - galaxies.

### Indeed, biological brains are created by physical law, while Boltzmann
brains are created in a physicist's imagination.

Wolfram's mathematico-physical process creates expanses of space with
different properties, in the right areas of space galaxies form because the
local physical laws make it happen, then in parts of galaxies planets
evolve life, because the local chemical conditions make it happen, and then
some lifeforms evolve brains, because the local biological conditions
(still a consequence of the underlying mathematico-physical process) make
it so.

The Boltzmann brain paradox only exists because some physicists disregarded
the lawful nature of our world and ran with simplistic ideas about

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