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> >> why was the political clown performing his antics at the *Conservative
>> *Political Action Conference? And why were the *conservative* clowns in
>> the audience cheering mindlessly at the buffoonish politician?
> > *He knows how to appeal to right wingers. *

If a right winger can listen to ANY Trump speech for longer than 45 seconds
and think "here we have a sincere well informed intelligent man that will
tell me the truth" then right wingers are as silly and stupid as the
president himself is. Hillary Clinton called extreme right wingers
"deplorables", and she got into enormous trouble when she did so, but that
often happens when in a moment of weakness a politician slips up and
inadvertently tells the truth. Over the years voters have trained
politicians not to tell the truth and will punish any that dares to do so.

* > I don’t see anything a bit right wing about how the US government is
> running.  Do you?*

Yes I do, I see all sorts of things right wingers love. Anti free speech.
Anti abortion. Anti marijuana. Anti Free Trade. Anti Encryption. Anti
Bitcoin. Anti gay rights. Anti Euthanasia. Anti environmental laws.
Sympathy for Natzi protestors. Sympathy for the KKK. Anti high middle and
lower classes. And Pro the super ultra high class, the richest 1% of the
1%.  And *VERY* Pro the richest 1% of the 1% of the 1%.... except for Jeff
Bezos.... Trump doesn't like Bezos because he owns the Washington Post
which has exposed a few of Trump's many many scandals.

John K Clark
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