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*> This person just vilified at least a quarter of the American voters*

Yes. And at least a quarter of the American voters very much deserved to be
vilified. And no, if I were running for office I couldn't say what I just
said, but I'm not so I can. If I were running for office I'd be going on
and on about the great wisdom and nobility of the American Voter.

 > *That was the biggest unforced error by a politician in my memory.*

Agreed. If telling the truth helped politicians get elected then they'd
tell the truth, but it doesn't so they don't. She certainly knew this but
when you make a hundred speeches a week you get tired and make mistakes.
Trump's advantage is that he's a congenital liar so he doesn't even have to
think about it, no matter how tired he gets a lie is always his default

*> I don’t consider that the truth.  I think of it as hate speech.*

I'm not an expert on political correctness so I will leave it to
philosophers to determine if hate speech is hate speech even if it's true.

 John K Clark
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