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I am ethnically Jewish but the last practicing member in my family was my
Great-grandfather so I missed it by a generation. It must be your father or
grandfather.  SR

According to what I read, if you don't have a Jewish mother, you are not
Jewish.  Mother rather than father for obvious reasons.

bill w

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> Like I’ve said before, if EVERY country is in debt (and they all do seem
> to be), then who owns all that debt?
> What effect would debt simplification have on the overall picture?
> http://feedback.splitwise.com/knowledgebase/articles/107220-what-does-the-simplify-debts-setting-do
> In the example above, overall debt was reduced 50%.
> > holding the bag - spike
> Technically, no one ever has to hold the bag because you can:
> (1) Default
> (2) New country/government
> (3) Inflation (“Money printer goes brrrrr”)
> > Americans will move elsewhere - bill w
> How?
> Degrees?
> Only about 35% of Americans have bachelor’s degrees. For most countries
> thats the absolute minimum to come as general skilled labor.
> This allows you, at the least, to become an English teacher in many parts
> of the world.
> Religion? (Right of Return)
> There is perhaps a population of as many as 5 million Jews in the US, but
> the majority likely do not qualify.
> I am ethnically Jewish but the last practicing member in my family was my
> Great-grandfather so I missed it by a generation. It must be your father or
> grandfather.
> You must also be sufficiently orthodox. Members of reform and
> restorationist belief do not qualify. You could theoretically convert.
> Military?
> By fighting in foreign military, it is possible to get citizenship. 2
> years in the IDF (though you might have to convert), 3 in the FFL, 3 years
> Russian army. If you are in US military, NZ (I think).
> Ancestry?
> Many countries will consider ancestry based requests based on parents and
> grandparents, but only a few further than that.
> Other skills?
> IT, with enough experience, a degree might not be required.
> So all-in-all, many Americans don’t really have anywhere else to move.
> Myself for example, and the US in general.
> Degree: no. I’d need 4 years and student loans. 65% of Americans don't
> have them. So now 35% can leave.
> Religion: no. Unless absolutely necessary, and if already married, would I
> even consider converting. And that would still require 2-3 years. Likely
> less than 1% of Americans would qualify. A good number of whom have college
> degrees, the average US Jew has 14.7 years of education, with about 75%
> having college degrees. Now we’re at 35.5%!
> Military: My fiancé and I are not “draftable” in the US anymore but it
> should be possible to still join the military until at least 30. The issue?
> Like most Americans, I am too fat!
> Approx number of US men and women between 19 and 35: 66 million. The
> percent that are obese (too fat for the military)? 40% So that leaves us
> with about 40 million souls. About 35% of those were already counted as
> college graduates. Now we have about 26 million. Thats about 8%. Now about
> 43% can leave!
> Ancestry: My maternal grandfather, his grandparents were German. Nope! My
> Maternal grandmother, her parents were Russian/Belarusian and
> Irish-American. Nope. My Paternal Grandfather is Boston white-bread, and
> his wife was Peruvian. But it has to be your parent. Oops. I can’t use
> that.
> Percent of Americans with at least one foreign parent? Well, there are
> some 20 million of them (6%). They have an average college graduation rate.
> So now about 4%. The other variables I cant account for.
> Less than 50% of Americans can leave. Through sustained religious
> conversion or massive debt, the other half could maybe leave in about 3-4
> years. But Israel won’t accept 150 million new citizens. No one needs that
> many English teachers, and not that many Americans speak foreign languages.
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