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*>Which copy wins the philosophical claim of "being" "me" doesn't worry me.*

Me neither. As far as I'm concerned the more people that remember being me
right now the better.

> *Which one wins the legal claims of "gets to lock the other copies of me
> out of the house I'm living in now", "gets to continue the relationship I
> have with my employer right now",*

When technology becomes advanced enough to duplicate something as advanced
as a human then they can duplicate anything, even land because you'll
almost certainly be a upload living in a virtual world (if the kind people
who took the time to revive you know you'd be upset by that knowledge they
just won't tell you), and that means economic questions that we think are
so important today would be pretty much moot. I'm not saying a revived
Cryonics patient won't have problems adjusting, but none of the problems
will be as severe as the problem of nonexistence. And that's why I'm signed
up for Cryonics, I'll deal with the problems.

> > *and most importantly, the social claim of "gets to hang out with my
> unduplicated wife and kids"... These worry me a great deal. Enough that I
> think I'd like to have a good plan in place to resolve those claim*

That's something for your wife and kids to decide not "you", whatever that
personal pronoun means.

 John K Clark
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