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> Which copy wins the philosophical claim of "being" "me" doesn't worry me.
> Which one wins the legal claims of "gets to lock the other copies of me
> out of the house I'm living in now", "gets to continue the relationship I
> have with my employer right now", and most importantly, the social claim of
> "gets to hang out with my unduplicated wife and kids"...
> These worry me a great deal. Enough that I think I'd like to have a good
> plan in place to resolve those claims before a hundred (or a million!) of
> me wake up one fine morning each having a 99 (or 99.9999!) percent chance
> of being disposessed of unduplicatable real property and relationships and
> we have to start playing Highlander ("There can be only one!").

### Yes, it's very important to take care of the legal niceties first,
before sticking your head inside the laser brain-milling nano-scanner

A simple will might perhaps suffice.

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