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>…logical conclusions as to why India and Haiti have better numbers than the US.  Why else would your take away be that the numbers reflect a superior response from two places that are very unlikely to have mounted one… Dylan


Hi Dylan,


Sure, that would suggest that the best government response is none: Haiti isn’t doing anything (because it cannot) and has better numbers.  But it also depends on how you count.  It is unlikely that Haiti came up with the money for test kits.  I can think of a pile of stuff Haiti needs a lot more than Covid test kits.  There is still plenty of other things that can kill people in Haiti.


In the USA, government response to Covid is primarily a state-level call.  The worst states are New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Illinois and California.  One can argue that it really isn’t a state-level call, for we have plenty of cases where people are going to closed beaches, local shops are declaring themselves essential and re-opening.  I don’t see law enforcement doing anything about it.  There aren’t enough state troopers, so… it is probably a city-level call.


If so, New York City, Chicago, LA, Boston are the places where the big mistakes are being made.  





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