[ExI] Even India and Haiti do it better

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> *> Oh come on John, we all know what you're saying.  Do you mean to tell
>> us you weren't talking about Trump at all?  I don't believe Dylan supports
>> him,*
> So you're angry at me for saying Dylan was in the Trump Cult but you're
> not angry at Dylan for saying I had Trump Derangement Syndrome. How does
> that work? And why didn't we see similar outrage when, as happened several
> times a week, somebody suggested Obama may be less than perfect back when
> he was president?

No, because as much as I dislike the TDS nomenclature (because it's used as
ammo by right-wingers) it seems to describe perfectly the way you act.

> > *that makes you, by definition, a TROLL.*
> Of course, nobody could sincerely believe Trump is an ignorant imbecile
> because it's so obvious he's knowledgeable and brilliant.

What?  I don't get it.  Are you saying your point of posting is to try and
convince people Trump is an ignorant imbecile?  If so, you WERE talking
about Trump, even though you attacked Dylan and denied it.  I thought the
post was supposed to be about COVID.

My point still stands: your post was pointless and designed only to rile,
which makes you a troll.  Out of all the posters on this list, your
behavior is by FAR the closest to Trump's.  You are a bully, and a troll
who ignores people's arguments only to insult them.  You yell and shout and
lie and equivocate and spew ad-hominem attacks.  I can only imagine you
hate Trump so much because you are working out personal flaws you dislike
within yourself.
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