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>…Yes, most of the examples John gave were islands (with SK essentially one since NK cuts them off at the end of the peninsula.    The Asian examples also have prior experience with SARS in terms of contact tracing and masks.  There has also been no talk of racial/age demographics and how many people in those populations have one or more comorbidities compared to the US.   The US and Europe also allowed in tons of people from China which the CCP was happy to allow out of country and also spread propaganda like their Italian video pleading with people to go hug a Chinese person…


Hi Dylan, recall how much of an uproar it caused in Britain when someone high up commented that ultimately it would all come down to herd immunity, just as it had with SARS and H1N1.  The argument against that notion was that we needed some kind of delaying action until we had a vaccine.  However… we might never get one.  As far as I know there are still no vaccines against SARS and H1N1.  If otherwise, please inform.  We have no guarantee this one will get a vaccine either.  


Somehow we need to calculate how much international travel takes place.  That is an important number. 


>…Rather than do any detailed analysis, it's easier to just fall back on the "Orangeman bad" method of analysis…


There is that, but I am suspecting that this virus belongs to some weird third party completely focused on some issue that none of the others follow, such as the No-Bat party, which holds that bats are filthy creatures, fit only for extinction.  From the virus’ POV, all the mainstream and secondary parties are indistinguishable.  They don’t know or care which party is in charge.  They only want to find and slay bats.  They see humans as a vector or opportunity to reproduce so they can kill more bats.  Wouldn’t that theory fit all the observations?





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