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* > As far as I know there are still no vaccines against SARS and H1N1.  If
> otherwise, please inform. *

H1N1 is the Swine Flu and there is a vaccine for it, several in fact:

Swine flu pandemic vaccine

There have been no new cases of SARS since 2004 so there is little interest
or effort in developing a vaccine.

> *ultimately it would all come down to herd immunity,*

As for COVID-19 herd immunity almost nothing is known for sure about it.
Nobody knows how long it will last and nobody knows what percentage of the
population have to get the disease recover and get immune for it to kick
in, estimates range from  29% to 74%. Even with the lower figure millions
would have to die and tens of millions would become very sick, and for all
we know we might have to go through the same thing all over again next year
or the year after. But I'm optimistic we'll have a vaccine before then,
especially when you consider the massive effort being put into it.

John K Clark
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