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>>…As for COVID-19 herd immunity almost nothing is known …and for all we
>> know we might have to go through the same thing all over again next year or
>> the year after. But I'm optimistic we'll have a vaccine before then…John
>> K Clark
> *> Sure, I am cool with optimism.  *

I know and your enlightened optimism is refreshing, it's your greatest
virtue. It's why I enjoy reading most (but not all) of your posts.

> *> But what if the optimistic view is wrong and the economy is permanently
> depressed to half what it is now? *

Then that would be very bad, but not as bad as millions dying in an attempt
to reach herd immunity which might not even work. There is a lot we don't
know about COVID-19 so we never know for certain if what we're doing is the
right thing or not, but I think it would be wise to keep that option as a
last resort, and after all we've only been fighting this thing for a few

* > What happens to all that borrowing,*

Already nearly 1 in 4 Americans are unemployed with zero money coming in,
and they need to eat, and one thing you CAN be certain of is they will flat
out refuse to quietly starve to death. They will make trouble. If a
vaccine can not be found then the lack of a balanced budget will be the
very least of our problems!

John K Clark
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