[ExI] Even India and Haiti do it better

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There are lots and lots of people financially hurting, but two come to my
mind:  hair dressers and barbers.  Now I have been cutting my own hair
often and can do it again, but these people are not likely to have big
bucks in the bank.  I think a one on one situation should fall to the
customer:   his choice as to whether to take the chance.    bill w

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> >>…As for COVID-19 herd immunity almost nothing is known …and for all we
>>> know we might have to go through the same thing all over again next year or
>>> the year after. But I'm optimistic we'll have a vaccine before then…John
>>> K Clark
>> *> Sure, I am cool with optimism.  *
> I know and your enlightened optimism is refreshing, it's your greatest
> virtue. It's why I enjoy reading most (but not all) of your posts.
>> *> But what if the optimistic view is wrong and the economy is
>> permanently depressed to half what it is now? *
> Then that would be very bad, but not as bad as millions dying in an
> attempt to reach herd immunity which might not even work. There is a lot we
> don't know about COVID-19 so we never know for certain if what we're doing
> is the right thing or not, but I think it would be wise to keep that option
> as a last resort, and after all we've only been fighting this thing for a
> few months.
> * > What happens to all that borrowing,*
> Already nearly 1 in 4 Americans are unemployed with zero money coming in,
> and they need to eat, and one thing you CAN be certain of is they will flat
> out refuse to quietly starve to death. They will make trouble. If a
> vaccine can not be found then the lack of a balanced budget will be the
> very least of our problems!
> John K Clark
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