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I don’t think living in a simulation is synonymous with every person you meet being a simulated person (not originating from born person.

It could be quite possible that all or most of the other people you meet are uploads. And does the cashier at upload McDonalds really need to be a non-simulated (“real”) person? Most people already treat cashiers like robots and sub-humans, so why not give that “job” to actual robots. 

It’s not as if you have to worry about wages in an uploaded economy. Creation of material goods and foods would be trivial. It should, in that case, be very possible to create very new things which are simply not possible in our physical world.

I fail to see how that would be unsatisfying. If you can upload a brain, you can upload a perfect copy of Everest with everything being completely realistic, including the changes to your brain & body at higher altitude. 

If only real life is real enough, we could simulate the entire world from our photographs, weather reports, etc. 

I think the fun of the idea of uploading comes with the ability to make things both hyper realistic as well as completely fantastical, and a type of mastery over one’s mental and physical state. 

SR Ballard

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