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I think traditional campuses will always be needed. But I don’t think they need to be as big as they are.


I’m jealous of people like (apparently) yourself who see no difference between digital products and physical ones…



SR Ballard



Hi SR, I do see a difference between digital products and physical ones: the digital ones are better.  You can do more with them, such as search for a text or phrase you found amusing.  I treasure my PG Wodehouse digital collection.  My ambition is to become Jeeves when I grow up.


I had an idea based on the response one of my scouts received from the office of a senator.  The requirement was to write to any political leader expressing an opinion on any topic.  She received a letter back which was easily recognized as a generic form letter, but on the topic of the scout’s letter.


It occurred to me that a software could read the letter (assuming it was typed) pick out key words and fashion a response that generally hit the topics of the letter.  It might be a collection of paragraphs on various topics for instance, chosen by keywords from the incoming letter.  If we did this with sufficient skill, a letter writer might never realize the communication was never seen by a human.  The response could be generated, printed, folded, placed in an envelope, addressed and sent, every bit of it automated.


Electronic mail would be even easier.  We could have a digital politician.



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