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> John - if you want someone to call Bush stupid, then I will.  At the time
> he was the worst president in history, according to me and lots of folks.
> Trump passed him like he was standing still.

I agree completely If you're talking about the second Bush, George W Bush
(2001-2009), at the time I thought he would be the worst president I would
ever see but I was wrong, however I was talking about the first Bush,
George HW Bush (1989-1993), he wasn't great but he wasn't dreadful eother.
Before either Bush I thought the worst president in my lifetime would be
Lyndon Johnson, but I was wrong then too. I'm not sure about worst in
history, James Buchanan might give all of them a run for the money, but
Trump is far from finished, he still has time (maybe 8 more months, maybe 8
more years, maybe even more) to make lots of more idiotic decisions and
pull way ahead of Buchanan for a clear win.

By the way, by "worst president" I don't necessarily mean the man most
lacking in personal virtue, I mean the man who inflicted the most damage to
the country.

 John K Clark
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