[ExI] Even India and Haiti do it better

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Mon May 11 22:12:41 UTC 2020

The constitution isn't all that is keeping us from totalitarianism, thank
god.  There is something far, far stronger, and far more manifest, immanent
if you will:

An extremely strong notion of conservative federalism across the nation.  I
mean hell, we literally call them STATES.  I am left-wing but our
federation is the strongest bulwark against fascism that could ever
be--fifty ragtag groups of different brands of idiots who do not agree with
one another.  Say what you will about states' rights, but they are a hell
of a defense against jingoism.

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> For Rafal, I understand, because Rafal probably has a homemade fasces
>> sitting over his mantel. ;)
> ### I do have an SPQR badge from my time in the Legion but no fasces,
> never got the promotion. And like listening to the Arditi.
> I worship the AR-15 in my Lararium.

THIS is what I am looking for in a dialectic.  Thank you for playing along,

See John?  People who disagree can be cordial, and even joke with one
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