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My suggestion is to stop all public mass transit…Governors do have the authority to close subways and buses.



>…Spike, I can tell you that this is not a practical suggestion for NYC…Too many people depend on it to get from their homes in outer boroughs to their places of employment, and most people don't have cars… Dylan


Dylan I have seen it, and ja I know: NYC will become a nightmare until those subways can be made safe.  It isn’t clear to me that they can ever be made safe.


I can imagine office space being converted to residential units.  Dylan one way or another… this system has grown inherently brittle.  Something was eventually going to shatter it.  


This map is telling us something really important, whether we want to hear it or not:




The rest of the country must get back to work, forthwith.  Those areas were packed way closer than can be reasonably sustained.  This strategy must be re-thought.



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