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Perhaps some data hipsters can educate me.


We have a debate currently on what should be the standard of evidence when a
student accuses another student of improprieties of any kind.  It seems like
men are inherently vulnerable to accusation which doesn't need proof
(because usually there isn't any.)


We could imagine some kind of device students could wear which would archive
their location and record bits of sound, say a tenth of a second every
second should be enough for what I have in mind.  It is unlikely to be able
to reconstruct a conversation from that, but it could establish innocence of
an accused person by archiving a location and a background noise description


This device would need to be something one wouldn't take off when taking
things off, such as a ring.  It would need a Bluetooth transmitter to send
digital files to a phone (which would add location info and archive.)


If we could get enough students wearing these kinds of devices, it might
lead us out of a deadlock where we don't know how much weight to put on
accusations.  The accused could produce evidence.


I don't know what kind of data-storage capacity such a thing would require,
if the phone could dump info to a desktop computer each day.  Any hipsters
on that here?



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