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> The countries which this thread title claims do it better: Haiti, has a doubling time of 12 days, and India has a doubling time of 11 days: Do explain please, what Haiti and India are doing better?


>…Only time can tell if either country ever reaches an infection rate equal to that of the USA, they have a long way to go…


With a doubling rate of 11 days, it won’t take long at all.


>…And Spike you haven't said how you feel about Human Challenge Trials… John K Clark



It is scary stuff, but I am in favor of Human Challenge trials, assuming it is administered by doctors to fully-cognizant patients who know they might get a placebo and will be exposed.  Strong young people have about a 1% chance of dying, but plenty of people enlist in the military with higher risk.


There are enough people I think would volunteer for that, knowing full well it might be the end of the road.  I would not favor stopping the trial, even though it is ethically shaky as hell.  The person to ask is Rafal.  I will take his word on that, being as he faces ethical dilemmas every day, whereas we engineers never do.


Possible middle ground: hold just a little longer to see if the pattern China is claiming will be seen elsewhere.  Italy was one of the early countries to catch it (they think in December) so we can see if their case load starts to drop.




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