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Spike, I don’t think that would help in most cases. 

If the location doesn’t match and/or the sound doesn’t match then it could be useful data. But the majority of rape accusations don’t involve these circumstances.

The majority of rape accusations hinge on if a sexual act was consensual or not. How could this idea possibly help in these cases?

SR Ballard

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> Perhaps some data hipsters can educate me.
> We have a debate currently on what should be the standard of evidence when a student accuses another student of improprieties of any kind.  It seems like men are inherently vulnerable to accusation which doesn’t need proof (because usually there isn’t any.)
> We could imagine some kind of device students could wear which would archive their location and record bits of sound, say a tenth of a second every second should be enough for what I have in mind.  It is unlikely to be able to reconstruct a conversation from that, but it could establish innocence of an accused person by archiving a location and a background noise description (roughly.)
> This device would need to be something one wouldn’t take off when taking things off, such as a ring.  It would need a Bluetooth transmitter to send digital files to a phone (which would add location info and archive.)
> If we could get enough students wearing these kinds of devices, it might lead us out of a deadlock where we don’t know how much weight to put on accusations.  The accused could produce evidence.
> I don’t know what kind of data-storage capacity such a thing would require, if the phone could dump info to a desktop computer each day.  Any hipsters on that here?
> spike
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