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*> people who read your posts don’t trust your judgement or your cause.
> Some of us think it is an elaborate false flag attack rather than the
> totalitarian manifesto it appears to be.*

If some of you think that then some of you are not very bright. Trump
supporters believe all sorts of looney things, 52% think Obama was born in
Kenya, and nearly half, 46%, think Hillary Clinton ran a child sex slave
ring out of the basement of a Washington D.C. pizza parlor, although I'm
not sure if "think" is the right word. And the poll was taken AFTER a Trump
zombie armed with a assault rifle burst into the restaurant and demanded to
see the basement. The restaurant has no basement. More relevant to the
current situation and much scarier, despite all scientific knowledge to the
contrary 31% of Trump voters think vaccines cause autism.

> *> Plenty of us know what really happened here: this virus jumped from
> bats to humans in Wuhan, China attempted to contain it while covering it
> up, foreign nationals became infected, it got loose, spread across the
> globe,*

I don't know if it came from bats or not but other than that I have no
particular problem with the above.

> > *governments were ineffective in stopping it,*

And some governments were much more ineffective than others, and some acted
like failed states and didn't even try to stop the virus for 2 months.
There is a reason the USA has 4% of the world's population but 33% of the
people sick with COVID-19, and that reason is Donald J Trump.

> *>Using the Covid pandemic to promote any political view is deplorable,
> even libertarianism, which is why I haven’t gone there.*

It sure sounds like you're going there. You keep talking about how there
should be no overall coordination in this war against the virus and every
state city town village and household should be 100% free to do their own
thing. I might agree if the virus had read the US Constitution and had
agreed to abide to it, but I don't believe that is the case.

*> Persistently running a federal-level deficit creates a situation where
> the Federal government cannot respond effectively in an actual emergency. *

Apparently you think this problem started in 1835, I think it may have been
a tad later.

> >>  *I don’t see you posting curses on Xi Jinping.  Why is that?*
> >…Because my Chinese paymasters wouldn't like it obviously…
> *> If we could be absolutely sure you don’t have actual Chinese
> paymasters, we would take that as satire. *

Satire? What satire comrade? Must stop now, have sex ring business to
attend to in basement of restaurant with Hillary.

John K Clark
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