[ExI] Even India and Haiti do it better

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> people who read your posts don’t trust your judgement or your cause.  Some of us think it is an elaborate false flag attack rather than the totalitarian manifesto it appears to be.


>…If some of you think that then some of you are not very bright…


Doubling down on insults, slung far and wide.  Do you still not know What Happened?

> governments were ineffective in stopping it,


>…And some governments were much more ineffective than others…


I don’t see that in the numbers.  They all tend to converge in their per capita case load.


>… that reason is Donald J Trump…


Doubling down on using death to promote your political views?  Do you still not know What Happened.


>Using the Covid pandemic to promote any political view is deplorable, even libertarianism, which is why I haven’t gone there.

>…It sure sounds like you're going there…


I made it clear: the virus doesn’t know or care who is in charge or not in charge.  It crosses borders, all of them.  No form of government has been able to stop it.


>… I might agree if the virus had read the US Constitution and had agreed to abide to it, but I don't believe that is the case…


You have expressed contempt for the constitution openly.  Now it feels like you are hoping the virus can help overthrow it.   I am betting on the constitution.  Human rights are not set aside for a virus.


I recommend you start a political party, the anti-constitutionalists.


> Persistently running a federal-level deficit creates a situation where the Federal government cannot respond effectively in an actual emergency. 


>…Apparently you think this problem started in 1835, I think it may have been a tad later… John K Clark


If we can borrow indefinitely, why are we paying taxes at all?  Why not just borrow it all?



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