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> saying 'liberal' or 'conservative' doesn't mean just a whole lot.  bill w


>…Yes, being conservative is supposed to mean you want to keep doing things the way we are doing it now…


By that definition, I am anything but conservative.  Our current course is catastrophic in my view.


>…so why is wanting to make abortion illegal considered a conservative position? … John K Clark



I am section 1.4 on BillW’s list, fiscal conservative.  People can have aaaaalll the abortions and aaaaallll the guns they want, every brand of abortion and every brand of guns, no bother from me.  But we can’t keep borrowing against the future, because I lack full confidence in the future’s ability to carry that debt.  If I were the banker, I would reject that loan application.


The future might be suddenly upon with the virus: if it gets worse instead of better, and South Korea realizes it cannot keep doing what it is doing either, causing a huge outbreak there as well as everywhere else, the dilemma gets far worse than it is now.


If we believe China’s numbers however, this will all go away soon.









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