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> I don't think this will solve the essential problem. I think any upload is
> problematic. I believe there are two problems that will be really hard to
> solve: first, preserving the cyclic, dynamical environment of non-neural
> information available in the body such as hormonal cycles or feedback from
> non-neural neurotransmitters (such as from your gut) is difficult, with no
> solution on the horizon.

### There is no innate physical difference between brain neurotransmitters
and rest of the body hormones as a class. In fact, many neurotransmitters
have dual CNS and peripheral actions. Any technology that accurately models
the chemistry of the brain will have no problem with modeling the chemistry
of the body and will necessarily have to model its impacts on the brain.

> Second, your cortex is specifically wired to accomodate your body, with
> all its quirks, balances, habits, accomodations, skillz, and tics. Every
> human body is different and each body's cortex learns the characteristics
> of that body. While we know the cortex is nearly infinitely able to
> accomodate and learn, learning an entirely new corporeal system may not
> only overwhelm it, but the being that emerges after this process is highly
> likely to not be "you".

### This would not be a problem for an upload. For those who wish it, an
emulation of the body should be possible, if ruinously expensive, including
an exact copy taken from scanned individual body information.

> I'm a participant in cryonics research because I want to be reanimated as
> myself. I'm not so interested in contributing a brain pattern that took me
> my whole life to create (and that I like very much!!) so be uploaded to
> some other agent who can use it to wire-up a version based on me that is so
> foreign that I'm not really there.

### I am signed up for neuropreservation. My attitude towards my own life
(and in no way is this personal and idiosyncratic attitude to be taken as
an opinion about how other people should approach their own lives), is that
any physical structure that processes information in a manner sufficiently
similar to me is actually me, and not some other agent. This means that
there could be millions of me's and each and every one of me would see all
of them as himself, just in other locations. I am willing to be quite
liberal about the details of how this me-pattern is implemented, whether in
biological brains, in dedicated hardware or even cobbled together from
off-the-shelf software-simulated neural components (e.g. whole visual
system, or a limbic system emulation), as long as enough indexical
information is there to differentiate me from others.


### Indeed, I strongly agree on the IMHO and YMMV here :)

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