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> Dylan this whole thing was a most interesting public lesson in civics.
> POTUS issued these lockdown orders.  Immediately Californians began to ask
> by what authority can POTUS give us orders?  Answer: none.  So nothing much
> happened then, which is why the local representative was seen in Chinatown,
> clearly violating that order.
> Then states got into the act: our governor issued pretty similar orders,
> and again we wanted to know how the governor has the authority to make such
> demands.

### Actually, this was a piece a five-dimensional political ju-jitsu by
Trump: First he made some mouth noises about ordering state governors to do
his bidding. The governors demurred. Trump slumped, beaten, was all hands
off. All governors, donkey and elephant, after re-affirming their
prerogatives, felt invigorated and got to work to make themselves look very
busy, powerful and important. Predictably, they screwed up monumentally, in
part because it was too late for lockdowns to work. Now the donkey
governors had to show how anti-Trump they are, so they had to double down
on lockdown, earning prole enmity. Elephants don't have that problem, so
they started easing off or even avoided locking people down in the first

Now Trump avoids the blame for the lockdowns but gets the credit for
lifting them.

Basically, Trump destroyed the presidential chances of a lot of
up-and-coming Democratic politicians by prodding them to rule according to
their authoritarian inclinations.

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