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> Then states got into the act: our governor issued pretty similar orders,
> and again we wanted to know how the governor has the authority to make such
> demands.  That one is a little more complicated, but the real question came
> down to what happens if the citizens refuse?  If the locals choose to
> enforce the orders, what do they cite the shop owner for?  The lockdown
> orders didn’t go thru the state legislature, so it isn’t actually a law.
> Answer: the local constabulary didn’t know, so they didn’t cite.  Shrugs.

Generally, there is ALWAYS something to charge someone with if the will is
there.  For example, in the Texas case, there was a law on the books
allowing punishment of anyone violating an executive order.   This law
essentially allows executive orders from the Governor to be treated as law
(I'm not even sure this is Constitutional but it is what it is).  In any
case, the AG took care of it and confinement is no longer an option for
violating this particular executive order, but the unjust law sits on the
books for the next time power needs to be applied.

I will give you another example closer to home for me in my wonderful
fiscally irresponsible state of Connecticut.   I have a permit to carry
pistols and long guns in the state.  In particular, it allows me to carry a
handgun concealed.  The actual law is written for open carry.  It does not
specify that the firearm needs to be concealed.   Under the permit law, I
am welcome to carry open in CT.   However, I was warned during my NRA
licensed pistol permit class that if I made the decision to open carry in
the state, I would immediately be arrested by the nearest cop for
disturbing the peace, my firearm would be confiscated, and I would have to
hire a lawyer/get the NRA involved to get it back and hopefully get the
charges dismissed (no guarantee).

There are enough laws on the books to make anyone not towing the official
line a felon in short order.   Land of the free indeed!
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