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>…We should also have empathy for those individuals who are willing to work and can't like the salon owner in Texas who was actually given jail time by a judge with zero empathy for violating a no work ordinance and standing up publicly for her rights and willingness to feed her family.  Luckily, the Texas AG had more empathy than the judge and ensured she was released from jail almost as quickly as she was put in there.  


>…There is a power grab in progress under the guise of a health crisis by small minded, petty bureaucrats and other government officials.   People aren't going to tolerate too much more of it in many states.




Three good rules:  Don’t mess with Texas.  Don’t mess with Texas women and their hair.  Don’t mess with Texas women who run businesses. 


Dylan this whole thing was a most interesting public lesson in civics.  POTUS issued these lockdown orders.  Immediately Californians began to ask by what authority can POTUS give us orders?  Answer: none.  So nothing much happened then, which is why the local representative was seen in Chinatown, clearly violating that order.


Then states got into the act: our governor issued pretty similar orders, and again we wanted to know how the governor has the authority to make such demands.  That one is a little more complicated, but the real question came down to what happens if the citizens refuse?  If the locals choose to enforce the orders, what do they cite the shop owner for?  The lockdown orders didn’t go thru the state legislature, so it isn’t actually a law.  Answer: the local constabulary didn’t know, so they didn’t cite.  Shrugs.


Now in California we have a mixture of compliance: a some shops never closed, some opened today, some are still closed.  


In all this, the governor can scarcely be surprised if people from a state which defied federal law decided to defy state law.


What remains to be seen is when (if ever) the economy recovers.



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