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>… Surveys show that about 30% of Americans believe that a vaccine exists but it is being withheld, and that a cure for the virus exists but is being withheld…


Ja that whole narrative is being fed by the case load in China falling to zero.  I have my notion on what is causing that: they lie.  If one accepts their word on it, then we get to pick an explanation, none of which are very plausible.  Their strict lockdown is working far better than any other countries doing similar measures (quite dubious), they have some kind of genetic-based immunity (we know they don’t) the virus loves communists (doubt that one) any one of a number of similarly suspect theories, or they must have discovered a vaccine or a cure.


Given all those, I suspect they are lying with their numbers.  Reasoning: even if they did discover a cure, they would still have cured cases, or if a vaccine, they couldn’t immunize 1.4 billion people that fast.


Given those choices, I see why 30% of Americans believe that a vaccine exists, but we don’t have it here.


>…Now if true these would be earth-shaking facts and Hell to pay…


Indeed?  What hell is China going to pay, after we already know they kept the outbreak secret until it could spread to the whole planet?


>…It make me wonder what would have happened if owning property was a prerequisite of voting.


bill w


Owning property doesn’t make one smart.  Evidence would be to ask respondents if they own property, then see what percentage thinks a secret C-19 cure exists.  


If owning property ever became a prerequisite for voting, oh mercy that would be a grand opportunity to make a buttload of money.  


I co-own some “property” in West Virginia with no road to it.  My property taxes are under 3 dollars a year on that.  It has no zoning and no restrictions from sub-dividing it, as far as we know.  We could study the definition of the term “property” then figure out how many separate piece of “property” could be created and sold per square foot.  







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