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Unfortunately, along with our rugged individualism, the US also has a very
long history of apocalypse religions, conspiracy theorists, and other
cults.  It appears to be in our cultural DNA.

It is disheartening to read this kind of statistic (along with the ones on
how many Americans consider the theory of evolution to be valid).   I don't
know if there are any flaws in the survey methodology, but I would expect

I'm also all for people making their own choices on navigating the current
CV-19 situation and going out, but I am disappointed to see all of the
anti-mask rhetoric as some kind of revolt against the lockdowns.   The
masks for me are a no brainer, although I am against mandates requiring
them.  I just don't see any downside to mask wearing in this situation,
especially when it seems to be a common behavior in places that have done a
better job of slowing the spread.  Unfortunately both the corrupt WHO and
our own government have given earlier conflicting information on them which
has created further mistrust.

OTOH, I am completely against this contact tracing nonsense that is being
tied to reopenings, and adding more government workers to suck at the
taxpayer teat as part of it.

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> Once again I am very wrong about people.  Maybe I should have stuck with
> using my music degree.  Surveys show that about 30% of Americans believe
> that a vaccine exists but it is being withheld, and that a cure for the
> virus exists but is being withheld.
> Now if true these would be earth-shaking facts and Hell to pay.
> I could not find estimates of what percentage of the people are often
> affected by Kruger-Dunning, but more and more I think it's alarmingly high
> - 30% above may be an underestimate.
> It make me wonder what would have happened if owning property was a
> prerequisite of voting.
> bill w
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