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>…strongly in favor of Strong Encryption only for government use so they can keep secrets from us but we can't keep secrets from them…John K Clark



Presidents don’t make laws.  Congress does.  Aren’t you glad we have a constitution?  Me too.


I have figured out a way to do cryto-cryptography:  we can send messages completely securely in such a way that it couldn’t be proven that it contained a secret message.  I do not claim to be the first person to discover this; the notion might be over a century old.  My spin on it is this:


We send the recipient a few thousand digital images on a flash drive thru the post office, each with a different date stamp and time stamp.  Then we have on our computer the same set of images.  We post the message to the recipient with some reference to the date and time stamp of the decoder image.  The secret message is encoded in the least significant bit of the images: you get it from subtracting one image from the other.  The sent message looks like a perfectly normal photo, for the least-significant bits already look like random noise.


The resulting message is still a haystack of random of bits, which are then decrypted with a one-time pad.  Not only is it completely secure, there is no way to prove there is any message there at all.


Wouldn’t that be cool?







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