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Those of you who were at the Extro4 BioTech Futures conference at Berkeley
in 1999 perhaps remember a talk about DNA editing at the cell level.


At a particularly dramatic moment as the keynote speaker was giving a
lecture on the topic, our own Robert Bradbury stood and shouted "THAT'S NOT


Those two argued as the audience listened, with Robert arguing that in-vitro
gene editing will someday be possible, while the keynote speaker was adamant
that it would never be done.


Robert was staying at my house for that event, so we had time to discuss it.
I didn't understand, being a space guy, not a bio guy.  Robert was arguing
that this would someday be possible:




Robert has been gone over 9 yrs now.  I miss him like he left us yesterday.




This is a paper that was the preliminary to a follow-on Matrioshka Brain
paper he and I were working on between 2000 and about 2006.  I was doing the
orbit mechanics and thermo stuff, he was doing the computing stuff.





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