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It just goes to show you.  I don't know where I went wrong - whether it is
my memory or the original source I read many years ago.  It said that
'won't derives from 'wold not'.  Checking with an online etymology source
https://www.etymonline.com/search?q=won%27t it shows that 'will not' is
correct, though looking through that little article doesn't really tell how
the 'won' part fits in.

My bad.  bill w

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>> California nominated a guy who demonized them.  He never had anything
>> good to say about millionehs and billionehs.  Perhaps the locals failed to
>> realize everyone who owns any of these tightly-packed homes likely has a
>> net worth over a million dollars.
> How many of those homes do you think don't have mortgages, and of those
> how many do you think are primary residences (as opposed to investment
> property that is either kept vacant or rented, officially "secondary
> residences"/bolt holes owned by certain foreigners in case they need to
> flee their home country, et cetera)?
> In other words, how many of those do you think actually represent at least
> a million dollars in free and clear value for the people living in them?
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