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> I vaguely remember that lunch, but not what you were into at the time.  I
> recall you were young, about 25 at the time?

August 1999, yes?  I was 24 at that time.  I believe I was starting
NetRendered around then, which would later become my second commercial
success.  (Outsourced video rendering platform - essentially, CGI-focused
cloud computing before "cloud computing" was a popular term.)

I tell ya what I was into in those days: I was really going on the
> collective computing projects.

That may well have been what started our conversation.  NetRendered might
not have been nearly as grand or promising as some of those dreams, but it
was real, and a step toward them.

That was my life’s high tide.

Yeah, that seems to be a difference between me and most people: what high

I am now 45.  My current project CubeCab is of greater scope, greater
potential personal payoff, greater potential payoff for humanity, and so on
than NetRendered was.  I anticipate doing more, possibly grander projects
when I am 75, then as I pass the 100 mark, and eventually when I am 150,
then 200, and beyond for as long as I can.  (Perhaps until the day when
there are no more projects like this to be done, or I can fulfill my goals
more effectively in some other capacity, or perhaps hiveminds arise and "I"
merge into one.)  Some of these milestones will require cryonics,
uploading, or some other such measure; cryonics if nothing else, as it
exists now (at least the suspension part, hopefully resulting in a form
that can eventually be reanimated, uploaded, or similar).
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