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Hi Adrian, were you at that conference?  As I recall you are one of the guys who has hung out here a long time.


Back in 2008 you said this...

> Adrian, we met as you recall at Extro4 in 1999


...which suggests I was there…


JA!  You and I had lunch with Jeff Davis and Dan (I can’t remember the last name) who was the semi-professional poker player.  Wasn’t that you who was with us, as Jeff went on about his evacuated tube train idea?  I vaguely remember that lunch, but not what you were into at the time.  I recall you were young, about 25 at the time?


I tell ya what I was into in those days: I was really going on the collective computing projects.  Oh, Damien Broderick made the scene, he and I got to talking about that, in a discussion that ended up in Damien’s singularity book.


Greg Burch rented a little sports car of some sort, which had four seats but the back ones were made for kids.  Robert Bradbury, Greg Burch, Anders Sandberg and Mike Lorrey were staying at my house (my bride went to visit her parents that weekend.)  The four of those guys crammed themselves into Burch’s tiny rented sports car and went up, I rode a motorcycle separately.  


After the main event where Robert that’s-not-trued the keynote speaker, there was a party on campus.  If you are aware of Berkeley, the campus itself is nice enough but it is surrounded by some really scary neighborhoods.  Not knowing better, I parked the bike out a ways and walked in.  At the party, the K ERIC himself talked to me.  I had been following Drexler like a teenage groupie girl, listening to his talks, since Engines of Creation came out.  So at this party he was talking to me like I was his equal, THE K ERIC himself, and Christine Petersen.  We visited until late, then when it was time to go, I said to him, Hey Eric you should loan me your cryonics bracelet.  I have to walk back through a Berkeley neighborhood in my wool business suit.  They might think I am a republican and kill me!  He said No problem, we are heading back, we can drive you over to your bike.


So not only did the K Eric treat me like an equal, he saved my life.


That was my life’s high tide.







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