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> Hi Adrian, were you at that conference?  As I recall you are one of the
> guys who has hung out here a long time.

Back in 2008 you said this...

> Adrian, we met as you recall at Extro4 in 1999

...which suggests I was there.

(My extended electronic memory is far from complete, but it remembers much
that my biological memory has long since forgotten.  Too bad it's not as
accessible by my currently-biological-based consciousness.)

But this is beside the point.  There is a trap that many fall into, of
thinking that only the current methods are the methods that will ever be
usable, and that what is merely impractical today is actually impossible -
and can never be made possible.

Personally, I have escaped that trap by remaining aware of the difference,
and more importantly, of what makes something impractical (or in fact
impossible) today - and thus, what would need to be improved or discovered
in order to make something possible and practical.  That way, my
predictions of impossibility or impracticality - gated on those limiting
factors - remain true: even if the thing does become practical someday, the
path involved finding a solution to what I said needed to be solved.  (This
is also quite useful in giving pointers to those stubborn and determined to
make the thing practical someday; whether or not they succeed, they can at
least save a lot of time and effort not repeating other peoples' mistakes.
Sometimes, that stubborn and determined person turns out to be me, so I
have a personal interest in this approach.)
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