[ExI] What are everyone's life extension strategies?

Dylan Distasio interzone at gmail.com
Tue May 12 01:17:56 UTC 2020

Hopefully this topic is not verboten on a list about extropianism, but I'm
curious if anyone is experimenting with different pharmaceuticals or
supplements for either life extension or enhancement (i.e. nootropics,

Just to start the conversation, I will share my personal life extension
(hopefully!) stack:

Pulsed rapamycin
Low dose tadalafil
nicotinamide riboside / pterostilbene

I've also considered adding a statin although I am hesitant due to some
potential side effects.

I am also planning on a quarterly senolytic regime of dasatinib and
quercetin, and have the drug but have not started yet.

I'm personally interested in hearing about any nootropics or other
enhancers people are experimenting with.

I can provide more detail on why I am taking the above combo if anyone is
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