[ExI] Even India and Haiti do it better

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Tue May 12 19:43:42 UTC 2020

 That second issue would be conservation.  If I pick a second issue, it
would be that.  I would be a Green.  Now I land in a second small party,
and I still can scarcely tell the two majors apart.  Can you?


 I am about as green as you can get.  I have said that I don't read much
political news. but when environmental regulations are eliminated or
relaxed, I notice.  And I have noticed a lot of that coming from the White
House.   So that's one big issue to me.

I think we are really lucky:  many have said and even I have noticed that
Washington works better when it doesn't work at all - meaning gridlock.
One house one party, the other, the other.  What we have now.  What would
the administration have done if the House weren't Demo  I shudder to think.

Since the Repubs have been in power we can't know what the Demos would have
done had they been in power.  One thing really stands out to me as the
meanest thing I have read:  not letting Obama pick a Supreme Court
justice.  Now you can argue that the Demos would have done the same if the
situation had been reversed, and of course you can't prove a negative, but
the fact is that the Repubs did it and it is a thing of shame that I hope
will surface again when the going gets hot in the Fall.

bill w

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>> [...]neither mainstream candidate even talked about the deficit.  Too
>> bad for the mainstream candidates.
> EXACTLY!  It's the candidates' election to lose, NOT the voters'!  One
> vote does not matter.  Statistics matter.  Swaths of voters matter, and
> their decisions are influenced by much higher forces.  If a shitty
> candidate loses, it's their fault.  if Biden loses, it's his fault.  The
> game is convincing the voters.  If you can't, you lose.
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