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> [...]neither mainstream candidate even talked about the deficit.  Too bad for the mainstream candidates.

> EXACTLY!  It's the candidates' election to lose, NOT the voters'!  One vote does not matter.  Statistics matter.  Swaths of voters matter, and their decisions are influenced by much higher forces.  If a shitty candidate loses, it's their fault.  if Biden loses, it's his fault.  The game is convincing the voters.  If you can't, you lose.

I agree. I invite John or anybody else to tell me why I should vote for Biden without mentioning Trump. As near as I can tell, Biden's biggest accomplishment thus far has been keeping America's first black President safe as Vice President for two terms in a very racist country with very well-armed racists. I mean nobody forced the Democrats to eliminate all their viable charismatic candidates. Running for POTUS on the platform of not being the incumbent POTUS is not a strategy that has historically proven very successful for either party. When neither Trump's supporters nor his enemies is capable of talking about anybody other than Trump, and Biden is mentally incapable of fending off Trump's Twitter attacks, then history shows he is very likely to win the next election. I am registered as a Democrat this year because I want Trump out of office but I am losing hope unless Biden can do something ANYTHING to get his name in the news. If his name can be mentioned in a positive light that is even better. But getting caught with a prostitute will a least show he is still virile.

Stuart LaForge

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