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*> You have long known my uneasiness with machine voting,*

And Republicans blocked a 250 million dollar bill that would beefed up
their security, they blocked it because if there is any hanky panky they
know which side would benefit. The Democrats knowing its importance wanted
to spend even more on election security but knew it was hopeless.

 > *but now with expanded use of mail-in ballots and ballot harvesting,
> that problem gets worse.*

I see no reason mail-in ballots couldn't be made as secure as a polling
booth, or more so (they don't use voting machines) and if COVID-19 is
raging in November it may be the only option we have. And I don't think
it's a coincidence that Trump chose this moment to call the US Postal
Service "a joke".

> *What I see as a bigger threat: a seriously disputed election,*

I see a threat even if the results are not disputed by any serious person.

*> We may not know who won the coming election. *

That is most certainly what Trump will say! If he wins he will say the
election is phoney because he should have won by more just as he said in
2016. And if Trump loses the election there is not a doubt in my mind he
will say the election is phoney, and I think there is a good chance he will
flat out refuse to leave. Do you really think the Senate would even try to
stop him? The new Trump refurbished Supreme Court?

John K Clark
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