[ExI] White House does not rule out the possibility of delaying the election

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I will note the risk of a disputed election is increased by the kinds of things California is doing, and the consequences are higher.  Remind us please why gun shops should be closed as non-essential businesses?


How do gun shops being open or not result in a disputed election?


They might affect the results of a disputed election, but I don't see how they put an election into dispute,  People shouldn't be bringing guns to polling places - and the increased push for voting by mail would make that less of an issue anyway.





Hi Adrian, no worries, clarification: owning guns gives people a sense of security, which reduces the risk to society.  Having a stockpile of food (and TP) gives people a sense of security.  A disputed election is something that creates a sense of insecurity, so we benefit from these other factors.  So… even if you are pacifist, stockpile some food (and TP.)  That was easy.



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