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"Drexler and I both tried to get him to sign up for cryonics" - I
heard from Greg Benford that Heinlein considered signing up but then
decided not to because he thought cryonics could interfere with a
naturally occurring afterlife or something like that. Is that so? (or

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> > Keith did you get a chance to hang around with Asimov enough to know him
> personally?
> No.  Even though he was on the board of L5 Society for years, I never
> met him.  He did not travel much and I didn't get to NYC during that
> time.
> > I know you ran with the biggies in SciFi.  I will never forget
> that time you invited me over for one of your parties.  That was just cool.
> Heinlein was on the L5 Board and took an active part.  Drexler and I
> both tried to get him to sign up for cryonics, after all, he wrote
> _Door into Summer_, but Virginia opposed it.
> The party with the most SF authors was the party for Spider Robinson.
> Poul Anderson showed up for that one.  I wrote about that one and the
> clouds of smoke recently.
> Keith
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