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*> **there is a good chance that long lasting herd immunity kicks in before
> vaccine manufacturers would be able to recoup their investment.*

And there is also a good chance several million Americans would have to die
before herd immunity kicks in. I have a prediction, after Trump urges
people to forget about the virus and go back to business as usual and then
when the number of deaths start to jump back up in the fall Trump will say
the death numbers provided by his own health department are fake numbers
cooked up by liberal Democrats, Obama, and the deep state. And the
Republicans will either believe him or they won't care that he's lying to
them just as they have with every other idiotic thing that has come out of
his mouth, because that's what you do when you're in a cult. But reality
always gets the last laugh. Always.

*> before vaccine manufacturers would be able to recoup their investment.*

In the past vaccine's have not been big money makers for drug companies
because in most cases if you take one dose you're good for life, but for
something like blood pressure medication you have to take a dose every day.
So if the free market breaks down and is unable to develop a COVID-19
vaccine then it's time for government to step in with a massive vaccine
project of their own on a scale similar to the Manhattan project or the
Apollo moon landing. I mean, if the government can't do something like this
then what's the point of having a government at all? Yes I know, anarchist
would say government has no use, and maybe they have a point, but the next
6 months are critical and would not be a good time for such a radical

* > Is anybody else a little creeped out by the fact that Bill Gates and
> Johns Hopkins hosted what amounts to a rehearsal of the pandemic called
> Event 201 just over a year earlier?*

Creeped out? *WHAT THE HELL*?!  Why in the world should anybody be creeped
out by practicing the response to a disaster that virtually every
epidemiologist in existence knew would happen someday so that we'd get good
at it? If the current administration had taken Bill Gates seriously or
conducted their own rehearsal in 2017 when they first gained power tens of
thousands of Americans who are now dead would be alive today. But instead
Trump was caught completely by surprise and the only weapon he knew how to
wield against the virus was magical thinking and the hot air coming out of
his pie hole.

* > On their website they issued a statement that the pandemic was not
> quite as deadly as the one they practiced for. So yeah I hope the naming of
> COVID-19 was not an homage to Windows-98.*

Bill Gates has saved well over 100 million lives and, although he would
never need to say so himself because it's so obviously true, he really is a
very stable genius. America picked the wrong billionaire in 2016.

 John K Clark
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