[ExI] [Ex] Hitler and Trump was Even India and Haiti do it better

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> You say that you refer to groups but then you talk about traits and do not
say what traits you are talking about.

I have talked about these traits here for more than a decade.

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Subject: [ExI] Human evolution model (was Iranian riots)
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Stone age people facing a resource crisis start bad mouthing
(xenophobic memes) the tribe they will eventually try to destroy.
Eventually, the circulating memes get the warriors worked up to a do
or die attack on the neighbors.

The key here is that recognition of an impending resource crisis trips
a behavioral psychological switch

> Traits of humans as a species, or traits of the stressed out ones?

Both of course.  And what makes humans groups switch from normal into war mode.

This is a human innovation.  Chimps are in war mode all the time.  See
Jane Goodall.

> And I don't care how they were selected.

If you don't want to know, there is little point in talking about this
subject to you.  I doubt you have the background for this anyway.  For
example, unless you clearly understand  Hamiltion's Rule, you can't
understand the evolutionary model of how these traits were selected..


PS.  I think most of the people on this list have read

It's from 2006 but is still being downloaded from all over the world
about once a week.  I put up a rough math model extension of that
paper in the 2009 posting above.

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