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*> A perfect copy of your mind is not at all necessarily you! *

So I'm not me I just think I'm me, and I'm not alive I just think I'm
alive? Personally I don't care if objectively I'm dead as long as
subjectively I'm not because subjectivity is the most important thing in
the universe. Or at least it is in my opinion.

*> A copy of Beethoven's 9th symphony is a copy. *

Then does anybody know what the original (whatever that means) Beethoven's
9th symphony sound like? And if 2 iPhones are in sync and playing Beethoven's
9th and I destroy one with an ax does the music stop?

*> You assume that there can only be one 'you'. So far that has been
> true, but there's no law of physics that says it will always be true.*

That is absolutely correct. I have long maintained the much of the
philosophical confusion over this issue is the fault of my third grade
teacher who erroneously told me that "John K Clark" was a noun and "I" and
"you" were pronouns when in fact they are adjectives. I am the way matter
behaves when it is organized in a johnkclarkian way, currently there is
only one chunk of matter in the observable universe that has that property
but with Nanotechnology there could be a arbitrarily large number of such

*> You are not at all a copy of who you were 2 seconds ago, you are one
> integrated agent and time has passed. You have more experiences, 2 seconds
> more. But you are safely you. *

It seems to me your distinctions on what is you and what is not you and
what is a copy and what is the original are completely arbitrary with no
underlying logical theme that unites them.

*> we are not close to understanding a copy of the data in the brain, and I
> belive it may be difficult or maybe impossible to reconstruct. So a
> "perfect copy" is a glib supposition*

If you remain the same person after you've had a sip of coffee as you were
before then the copy need not be absolutely perfect.

*> You are not only your mind, you are an integrated agent with a mind, and
> agent whose mind is tuned and accommodate to the body it inhabits*

If you lost your big toe in an accident would you become a different person?

John K Clark
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