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* > You absolutely cannot make a twin of anything from its genome without
> other biochemical information.*

I'm not sure what other biochemical information you're talking about but
whatever it is it can certainly is encoded in the 3D array of atoms
inside a sperm and a egg.

> *You need a force field, *

I presume you mean a electrical field. but that is determined by charges,
and if you know where the molecules are then you know where the
positive and negative ends of them are.

> *you need dynamics, *

The momentum of atoms.

> *you need solvent *

Water is the solvent life uses, and it doesn't take much information to say
that. And I am unaware of any solvent not made of atoms.

> *You keep reforming the same objections to my statements*

That's because you keep saying there is a huge amount of mysterious ethereal
information that is missing, but when pushed it always comes back to atoms
and their positions and momentums. Always.

 John K Clark
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