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Hm. To be clear, I'm saying two distinct things: 1) you can't make a copy
because information will be missing. 2) as far as a truly exact copy, I
think that would be its own agent, it will not be you.

The information and circumstance that makes you be you is not found in the
replacement of the atoms in your body. These are placed each instance in
time conditioned by the existing boundary conditions of your existing,
active functional biological systems (ie, replacing atoms or even neurons
in your brain will not interrupt already entrained neuro-hormonal or
neurotransmitter feedback cycles. Replacing atoms or cells or healing
tissue in your gut will not totally disrupt the existing gut biome. Etc etc
etc). Such placement is always informated by your active cycles and/or
systems. That is the information that I keep saying will not be able to be
copied. It is information that is part of the whole, and not reducible.

So yes, I'm persistantly me, even though some of me was in that scone I ate
with John (lol).

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> Hiya Ben - It was a rhetorical question, I'm pointing out as a thought
> experiment that a "perfect" copy of you in a "perfect" agent copy of your
> body would believe it is you. In fact, IMHO, there would be no way to
> to this new agent (i.e., person) that it is *not *you. The only agent in
> the universe who would know that the copy was not you would be....wait for
> it....YOU. Every other person in the world will think it is you (if it is
> perfect copy - which I have tried to show in my previous grillion posts is
> likely impossible - i.e., no perfect copy can be made).
> Of course a copy of you can be someone other than you. It is. It is a new
> person. It is not you, even if it thinks it is you. And, you and only can
> know it's not you. Go back to my coffee-and-scone thought experiment. Can
> shoot you? If you belive I can because you will magically be "in" the copy
> - tell me how, please. And where does the consciousness in the copy go?
> You'll be being just as mean as I accused John of being (LOL). You can't
> just take over another person's body!  That's just rude.
> The copy becomes its own agent as soon as its online. You can't access
> it.  Death does not allow a magical transmogrification into agents you
> to occupy.
> Oh, and the symmetrical room problem is a red herring. It only works by
> confusion. You always gonna be you.
> -Regina
> -----------------------------

If you don?t believe that a copy of you is really you then to be consistent
you should not believe that you are really you, since through normal
metabolic processes the matter in your body is replaced with matter from
the food, water and air you consume, and the original matter excreted into
the biosphere.
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