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*> So first of all, its not a limitation of "life" in ANY WAY that only a
> few elements are used in biological processes. It's a limitation on reality
> imposed by thermodyanimc considerations.*

Intelligent designers aka people must also obey the law of thermodynamics,
but unlike life they figured out how to make Aluminium foil, not to mention
Teflon, Polycarbonate lenses, carbon nanotubes and uranium reactors.

*> I'll just say, biology is basically limited by chemical potentials.*

Explaining why something is limited does not make it one bit less limited.

* > Bones cannot be made of diamond because bones remodel dynamically,*

All you're saying is biology can make bones but not diamonds. I already
knew that.

> *Diamond is not reactive*

You don't want teeth or a turtle's shell to be chemically reactive you want
them to be hard, diamonds would work great if life knew how to make them,
but it doesn't.

*> DNA repair systems are amazing. DNA is being replicated constantly, it
> is under constant siege by radicals and other reactve molecules, it is
> sitting in an aqueous environment at around 100 degrees depending on the
> creature, it is subject to constant environmental attack -- and yet its
> data stays intact for at least 70 years and probably can stay intact for
> hundreds of years. It is robust to exogenous atttacks such as by mutagens
> or radiation. There are a number of interacting repair mechanisims which
> detect any error or damage to the DNA within microseconds, and they quickly
> recruit the correct repair systems to these lesions. In worst case
> situations, when data is missing (like over a double strand break), these
> repair systems can even recreate missing data - a strategy which can fail
> but it is a last ditch effort and often succeeds.*

Well all that is real nice. but the entire point of the thing is to
correctly copy information, and the cheapest computer at Sears can
accomplish that task with far fewer errors and do it much faster too. If
life could do half as well Cancer would be virtually unknown.

*> Please. Respect for DNA repair!*

I will give natural DNA repair all the respect it deserves.

 John K Clark
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