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>...I've seen analysis in a webinar on mathematical epidemiology that the
use of mass transit weighed an order of magnitude more (factor of 8, I think
it was) the population density, which was the next most important factor in

>...Think they'd have learned their lesson in 9/11 not to do sh*t like that.


Hi K3,

The blame game is something I will leave to others if they wish.  Clearly
there is plenty of blame to go around.

In the meantime, I can see that we have enormous investments in those
teeming anthills of humanity in which no practical means of transporting the
masses in sufficient volume has yet been discovered.

So let's ponder.  We can imagine multiple parking lots about 30-50 km from
city center, where one can drive in, park, get in an individualized pod of
some kind, they roll onto the subway, never opening, always staying slightly
positive pressure, ride to the station, pod rolls off, takes prole to
office, rides elevator to the right place, pod rolls to office, she gets out
with her shoes clean.

We can imagine a 20 km radius circle where no motorized traffic is allowed,
other than these kinds of rigs.

We have no reason to think this is our last or even worst pandemic.  But I
can imagine going to enormous effort to save the infrastructure of those
metro areas.  

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